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how do GMB & Google Search Console work?

Google My Business (GMB)

It’s part of the key elements in having a strong and successful online presence in this day and age of technology. 

GMB is not just your page showing when someone searches for it. It helps manage your online presence including Google Search and Google Maps. 

When used in the correct ways, GMB does so much more than just list a business. You can use it to tell the story of your company and showcase your successes to the world.

Search Console

It allows you to monitor different aspects of your website like when it was last crawled, any indexing errors, security issues, etc.

Search Console also lets you manage key aspects of how you appear in search results and manually submit sitemaps.

The search console is important for SEO – it can single-handedly help bring up your ranking. Therefore if ignored or not used properly you could miss out on important notifications and actions moreover hindering your ranking.


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Our Strong Points

We have worked with many different companies on Google My Business and crawling websites. For some its just been getting them started and then letting them carry on. For others they want us to carry on managing these services for them on a monthly basis. However you choose we help you bring out the best of your GMB & crawling services.

Google My Business Experience
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Crawling Website

How do these benefit my business?

GMB & Website Crawling can massively boost your audience

With the two combined and being used in the correct ways, your business will see a boost in visitors on your website. In addition you will generate more traffic and increase customer interaction via your website. Whether this may be online contact forms or just the use of direct contact either way its potential leads!

Benefits Of GMB

Manage My Information – We will fully customise what users find when they search for your business. This could be from opening hours and contact details to products and services available. This way we can make sure your customers are always kept up to date and in the know how!

Interact With Customers – Not only can you read your reviews and speak to customers about feedback but you can also add images of your business. In fact, believe it or not, businesses with images available on google have more traffic, whether it be images of their location, of products or services they offer or even just post’s around offers and prices. We will create posts at every opportunity to submit on your GMB profile and thus increasing your exposure to consumers.

Capitalise on what works, fix what doesn’t – You can see information such as, what someone searched to come across your business and how many people contacted you via the contact details provide on Google Search and Google Maps. This means we can now collect this information to create better performing campaigns, effectively where to squeeze the juice and where not to.

Benefits of Search Console

Crawling – Website crawling, also referred to as web crawlers and spider bots, have the job of reading the information contained in a website to understand the pages and layout of the website and be able to present it on search engines in the most optimised way.

The use of website crawling is to bring a user relevant websites when they search for something i.e. if you searched for food shops on Google, you would hope to see results such as; Asda, Tesco, Morrisons etc.

Thus, making it ever more important to ensure the correct key words and layout are present on your web pages.

Indexing Errors – This is when there are errors on your website or the way it has been indexed, this could be something stopping you from ranking higher, it could even be something stopping you from being listed altogether across google or orther search engines. With the use of search console we can help narrow down and fix your issues!

Security Issues – Hate to say it, your website can be the target of malways or hacking, anyone is suseptible to these malicious attacks even if your just a small starting out firm. Google Console helps us keep on top of these security issues and stop them before it gets any further!

GMB & Web Crawling Plans

What can we offer to you?

We can optimise GMB and Search Console for your business websites to ensure you are receiving all the benefits available to your web page.

We will personally set up these features to produce the maximum exposure possible for you in order to gain you a larger audience and clientele.

Our experts will create a  smart campaign to advertise your business and services, they will provide you with all the advice they can to support you into making the key decisions for this prior to launching the campaign. 

Once launched they will monitor and track the campaign, report to you with all the findings, your successes and failures and will edit the campaign in any ways if you wish to do so.

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