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how do pPC campaigns work?

lets educate a little...

PPC is an online advertising model where a campaigner pays every time someone clicks on their ad.

There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These are the type of ads that appear if someone was to search for something on a search engine like Google – you tend to find these are most displayed when search terms relate to buying products or services. This could be anything from a mobile search (someone looking for “milkshakes near me” on their phone) to a local service search (someone looking for a photographer or a dog groomer in their area) to someone shopping for a luxury items (such as handbags or cars etc). 

All of these serches will trigger pay per click ads where someone is willing to pay the search engine everytime someone clicks the link and comes through to the advertised website, regardless of sales or conversions.

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Our Strong Points

We have PPC specialists with years of experience across search engines, facebook and IG. With their vast bank of knowledge they are sure to find a campaign that works well for you!

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Why with phoenix pixel studios?

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  • 100% Transparency
  • We Follow Best Practices
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Over 15 years’ Ads Experience
  • Simple Pricing Structure
  • Monthly Contract – No Long Term Contracts
  • UK Based Team of Experts
  • 100% Better & Cost Effective than your in-house team
  • Easy & to the point free Ad audit report – no nonsense approach and figures that don’t mean anything to you

Data Based Approach

We take a data and analytics-based approach to your paid advertising campaigns to ensure optimal return.

ROI Driven

We are a ROI driven agency that understands importance of spending less and converting more.

Conversion Lead

We look at what's converting and what's not, if it's not then we quickly make adaptations to the campaign.

First Class Service

We pride ourselves on our service. The reviews are there and they speak for themselves!

Bespoke Packages

Facebook & Social Media

Pay Per Click strategy on Facebook and social media is usually in the form of boosting posts as well as advertising. What this means is that as a business, you have a new service, you put up a post regarding this new service on your business page. You don’t only want people on your page to see it, if it’s something you think can generate you a new stream of business or clientele then rather it should be boosted so that it can be advertised to everyone across Facebook.

This is where things get confusing, you don’t want to just “plaster it to the world” you want to hand pick the people that are going to see this, set rules and refinements, geographic locations, spending habits, based on their hobbies. 

Phoenix Pixel Studios will manage your campaigns for you, we will optimise them so that you are spending the least but returning the most exposure and with our careful planning that very exposure we bring you will quickly convert into new business.

We handle it all

Adwords & Search Engines

Google or Search Engine Adwords are of a true pay per click nature that work on a bidding system. Think of it this way, there are 2 people wanting to all appear at the top of Google Adwords. Person A says “IF you display me on Google Searches I will give you £1 for every click and customer coming to my website”, Person B says “I will give you £1.50 per click”, then Google will want to favour Person B and so place them higher up the list.

However, this is where it comes to swings and roundabouts. Whilst Person B might be willing to pay more, the website, the content of their site, the navigation etc may not be as well as Person A. Why would Google want to ruin their reputation by presenting poorly designed, less keyword matching websites? They simply wouldn’t! This is where keywords, site speed, quality content and general aesthetics of your website come into play.

Here at Phoenix Pixel Studios we don’t just run your campaign, but we also check and analyse your website to ensure maximum impact!

We Solve Real Problems

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Web Design​

Professional websites built to suit your needs and business demand.

SEO & Site Analysis

Whether it's on page or off page, a full site analysis or even just to help rank higher, we cover it all.

Social Media Management

Running a company is hard work, we will lighten the burden by managing your social media.

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