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SEO (search engine Optimization)

Your website is essentially a powerful sales and marketing tool – that’s if consumers find you online. Not everyone will think to try if they need a website or a logo. This is where SEO comes into play. It makes sure your website is optimized in a way that makes it suitable to be listed on google or other search engine websites.

Search engines tend to rely on a few different factors when they list websites after a search term, these are mainly:

  • The content quality of the website
  • The speed of the website load time
  • Keywords matching to search terms in your content
  • Back-links to your website (arguably the least important factor)

website analysis

Traditional website analysis roughly falls into 4 categories:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Speed
  • Competition
  • Traffic

Any site can benefit from some form of website analysis if the results are then used to improve it—for example, by reducing page size to increase overall speed or optimizing a landing page with lots of traffic for more conversions.

Here are Phoenix Pixel Studio’s we use a variety of tools and checking methods to analyse your website and make suggestions as to how to improve the website from small little coding adjustments to complete overhauls and strategy changes.

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Whilst we have people for everything SEO & Analysis here at Phoenix Pixel Studios we are going to be honest and tell you exactly what is second nature to us and what we are still growing on!

SEO Analysis
Speed Analysis
Competition Analysis
Traffic Analysis
Back-Link Creation & Analysis

How we SEO (search Engine Optimize)

did you know...

That 93% of online experiences begin with a term search for on a search engine, with that being said 97% of consumers that are looking for local services, whether it be a garage, a wedding hall or even a flower shop, start their search for the service online!

If your company isn’t ranking high enough on Google, Bing, Yahoo! then it means YOU are losing traffic, leads and business.

As we mentioned before search engines tend to rely on a few different factors when they list websites after a search term, these are mainly:

  • The content quality of the website
  • The speed of the website load time
  • Keywords matching to search terms in your content
  • Back-links to your website (arguably the least important factor)
  • Online reviews

So what can we do about it?

You need web page after web page of unique, remarkable, and optimized content. We will search for keywords on your website, we will understand your business and what it is you do and then we will search the market and industry and find keywords that suit your business and your needs and getting hits on search engines. We can then arrange your content, make suggestions and edit content to highlight keywords more often and in a structure that will drive in the additional traffic.

Look at it this way, why would google want to list you as number 1 if your content isn’t very good or have as many keyword hits as other websites? End of the day that just makes their search engine look like they can’t find the best websites that meet the consumers needs!

There are two main problems with slow-loading websites: users don’t like them, and, as a result, neither do search engines. That’s why speed testing is a second key area of website analysis.

Why would you want to recommend a certain builder if you know it takes them 6 months to hit a nail into a board and would take any other builder 6 seconds? In the same way Search engines do no want to recommend website’s to consumers that take forever to load! It makes the search engine look unreliable.

Did you know that over 65% of consumers said if a website doesn’t load within 3 seconds they would rather hit the back button and check elsewhere!

That’s why at Phoenix Pixel Studios we take speed of websites very seriously, we use various tools to test your website and then make the required changes, we even check the consistency between desktop, laptop, tablets, mobile phones and consoles. So you can be rest assured that your website is not losing any traffic based on it’s speed.

With any website, keywords are key! Excuse the pun. We cannot stress enough how much this will impact your search results!

Let me give you an example, if i want i have a website about web design and devlopment, my whole website is laid out to say that i can offer wordpress, i can offer SEO, and all sorts of other things but one of the major things searched for on Google was “Web Designers in Bradford” and i don’t actually have Web Designers or Bradford mentioned on my website then Google is not going to list me! It’s that simple, when content for your website is written it takes hours of research on what search terms are popular for your business industry and these need to be carefully weaved into your content.

Also referred to within SEO as ‘inbound links’ or ‘external links,’ backlinks are links that point from a page on one website to a page on another. They are the links from third party sources that point to your website, in comparison to internal links that exist between two pages within your website.

If you want to drive SEO success for your website, you need to pay attention to links, as Google and other search engines use them as a way to understand the authority of a page. Think of them as the online reputation of a website, with a link from Website A to Website B being seen as a vote that it is a trustworthy source. If five people who didn’t know each other all recommended a particular restaurant as the best in your city, you would likely trust that you would be able to get a good meal there, as multiple individuals would all be vouching for it.

We have many services and tools available to create your backlinks from reliable sources and our own network of backlinks so that this doesn’t hold you back from getting higher rankings!

Online reviews over the recent years has become part of every business owner and marketer’s arsenal. The volume of review sites has dramatically increased and the rate at which consumers are giving reviews is rampantly growing too.

It’s no wonder search engines are making this a listing factor now, it makes sense with the fact that so many people that have no connection to each other or to a company are giving it great reviews means that this company is likely trustworthy and reliable, that’s exactly what search engines want to give to consumers.

Reviews help people decide which products or services they should buy, which websites they can trust and which ones they should steer clear of. This means that online reputation is now more crucial than ever! Whether its Facebook reviews, google reviews or even Yell! reviews, they all have a significant impact on your search engine presence.

At Phoenix Pixel Studios, whilst we will not create you fake reviews (it’s just not ethical at all!), we do have certain ways and strategies of gathering reviews from customers and also friendly methods of contacting previous consumer’s regarding their transaction.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us or even just have a chat to see if there is anything we can do to help you then please reach out to our team.

Website Analysis With Us

How does analysing a website help you?

With our website analysis tools we delve into checking the deep end of your website, it’s different to the above mentioned SEO & SEO Analysis, whilst that is specifically to do with your ranking on Search Engines, Website analysis is looking at your website as a whole and making sure it’s in the best possible stature.

To do this we use various different tools and procedures:

  • On page SEO Audits – checking your website for the most common technical errors that could impact your ranking and speed such as missing <title> tags or broken re-directions. 
  • Backlink Analysis – This is where we check what backlinks are coming into your website and to what anchor text, the last thing you want to do is delete the text that’s bringing in a good solid backlink. It also helps identify where we can create more backlinks!
  • Website Speed & Performance Checks – We use a range of services to check this, such as Google page speed insights, GTmetrix or Pingdom. Website performance analysis helps you determine if your site is slow, fast, or average—but it also lets you diagnose why.  Thus meaning we can help find ways to speed up your website in many different ways.
  • Competitive Analysis Tools – All online business have a competitor that offers a similar service or product. Our competitive analysis tools help identify and analyse competing companies, the threat they pose and identifying opportunities that can be uniquely leveraged in your business.
  • Traffic Analysis – Helps us monitor the volume and activity of visitors to your website and determine your most successful pages and traffic generating sources. Knowing what drives the traffic in not only shows you what may need improving but also helps double down on successful marketing campaigns and invest resources accordingly.

Speak to one of our team members to see what we can do for your website and how we may be able to help, you may not even require all of the above analysing we will speak to you about your current situation and let you know what we feel may be beneficial to you with your ROI in mind always. If you want to get a head start and see how your website is doing try using GTMetrix.

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